The publication is a 20-page long visual journey taken on a night train. The aim of the project is to offer a little getaway from the everyday life with this printed journey which the reader can take on one’s own couch or even while travelling on the actual railroad tracks!

The publication consists of two sides. The first side is the illustrated night train. In this imaginary train the reader gets to wander around the train and peek inside the cabins of the travellers. Every cabin is a world of its own decorated with the travellers owns personal touch. The second side will consist of short stories about the cabins and their inhabitants. All the stories will be in the backside of the cabin illustrations so that the reader can always turn to the backside of the page to get more familiar with the fellow travellers.

The form of the zine is designed to enhance the journey. The whole zine starts off with a train ticket cover, an invitation to hop on the train. The inside pages can be browsed one by one or the whole layout can be spread into one long sheet, revealing the whole train at the same time.

The zine was printed using both risograph and silkscreen printing. Teal, the main colour of the publication, is printed with riso and creates the dusky feeling of the night. A small addition of pink printed with silkscreen works as a spot colour for smaller details.

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